Whoa Dakota has me floating.
— NPR Tiny Desk

Whoa Dakota deftly embeds timely themes of finding peace amidst a world rife with political turmoil in ethereal layers of synth pop and funky basslines in “We Create.” 

“They balance funk-infused bass and guitar with a swelling, dreamy synth,” NPR noted of “We Create” (which was highlighted as one of their favorite submissions for their 2017 Tiny Desk Contest) adding, “Ott’s voice, drifting over a tight groove, makes a relationship’s uncertainty feel romantic.”


Self-reflective pop bliss.
— No Country for New Nashville

On her first full length album, Patterns, Whoa Dakota (Jesse Ott) spins a web of lush indie pop, graceful melodies and ardent lyrics. Building on 2015’s debut EP, I’m a Liar, the Nashville-based artist expands the sonic landscape on her new LP to an amalgam of electropop and R&B. Rife with raw lyrical honesty and enchanting textures, Whoa Dakota’s sophomore effort, due out Summer 2018, is destined to captivate listeners everywhere.

Patterns as a body of work is ruthless in its examination of "self" in terms of emotional accountability. This isn't your typical "self reflection-light," this is a brazen commitment to integrity on a never-ending journey of self-discovery and, most importantly, creation of self.

The LP bounces from 80s-influenced-pop reminiscent of HAIM to indie folk ala Jenny Lewis while artfully maintaining consistency. To achieve the matured style on Patterns, Ott employed the help of local Nashville producers Gavin Shea and Chris Gill of HandMade Productions (Luthi, Okey Dokey, Darius Rucker). CLICK HERE FOR FULL BIO.

Sonically, the tune is an easy-to-love upbeat number with some sinewy funk guitar and sparkly synths. Lyrically, it’s a nuanced examination of a complicated relationship.
— Nashville Scene

95k+ Spotify streams. Featured on Spotify's Discover Weekly and Fresh Finds: Six Strings as well as many independent tastemaker playlists.

On a cloud of contagious rhythms, jazzy bass lines, pop-esque keys, and gritty guitar, Whoa Dakota gives a soulful, engaging performance worthy of a standing ovation and a CD purchase.
— The Deli
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