“[Whoa Dakota] is one of the more dazzlingly eclectic music makers in Nashville’s indie pop scene. “



Best pop artist 2018

- Nashville scene “best of nashville” awards

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Whoa Dakota explores the concept of identity being shaped by patterns that we develop during childhood on her debut LP Patterns (August 2018). The album showcases her enchanting blend of electropop, R&B and folk, backed by powerhouse vocals.

Patterns bounces from 80s-influenced-pop reminiscent of HAIM to indie folk a la Jenny Lewis while artfully maintaining consistency. The title track and debut single “Patterns” serves as a thesis for the entire album:  a brazen examination of "self" that grapples with toxic cycles and emotional accountability through layers of captivating melodies, moody synth and funky guitar. The record is as much about self-discovery as it is about creation of self.


2018 best album lists:

Arkansas democrat gazette & b-sides & badlands

Self-reflective pop bliss.
— No Country for New Nashville

Born in Little Rock, AR to a state champion bull rider and a wild child mother, Jessica Ott (Whoa Dakota) was raised part time on a cattle farm, and part time in the city. Roots and how they shape us is something she honors in her music.
"My late grandmother, Hattie Jo, is a guiding force in my life and in some way inspired every song on the album. Conversely, growing up hearing Nanny’s stories conditioned me to romanticize toxic relationships, subconsciously viewing them as a right of passage for growth. Nanny can be heard on the prelude to “Toe to Toe” talking about leaving my abusive grandfather.
For me, she works as a placeholder for every powerful woman. I’ve had to take ownership of the fact that every time I believe she’s pushed me to learn a lesson, I've also been responsible for teaching the lesson to myself." FULL BIO HERE.

Sonically, the tune is an easy-to-love upbeat number with some sinewy funk guitar and sparkly synths. Lyrically, it’s a nuanced examination of a complicated relationship.
— Nashville Scene

200k+ Spotify streams. Featured on Spotify's Discover Weekly and Fresh Finds: Six Strings as well as many independent tastemaker playlists.

“Patterns is an ambitious amalgam of indie pop and spoken word pieces that Ott uses to share hard-bitten stories of love and self discovery.”
— Arkansas Democrat Gazette 2018 Notable Releases
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