Tiny Desk Favorite Whoa Dakota Pairs Brazen Self-Awareness with ‘90s Nostalgia on "Patterns" Out September 15th

“Whoa Dakota has me floating.” - NPR Tiny Desk

“Self-reflective pop bliss.” - No Country For New Nashville

Nashville, TN --- Whoa Dakota (Jessica Ott) makes a studied transition from her blues-based beginnings to lush indie pop with “Patterns”, the first single off her debut LP of the same name. Hitting the platforms September 15th, Whoa Dakota delivers a matured sound on this pop anthem.

Designated a “2017 Artist To Watch” by the Nashville Scene, Whoa Dakota intends to earn that accolade with a single that showcases her signature self-awareness and enchanting blend of electropop and R&B.

From the diamond-bright beat (early Madonna) to the video treatment (‘90s bubblegum), “Patterns” is rife with nostalgia but not just for nostalgia's sake. Whoa Dakota explores the concept of identity being shaped by patterns that we create from a very early age.

“It’s revisiting my childhood and, especially for the ‘Patterns’ video, the specific trends and culture from the time in which I grew up. It’s a visual journey showcasing the underlying pattern I’ve engaged in throughout my life - living for performing,” describes Ott.

While the jaunty pace of the track will make you want to dance around your room (or with Leonardo DiCaprio as Ott does in the video), the lyrics and those of the album’s counterparts, are destined to make one mourn for the person he or she used to be, as well as the person we hold ourselves back from becoming.

Whoa Dakota isn't interested in living a life of cyclical patterns, she breaks the paralysis through acknowledgement and ownership in order to live a created life. Explains Ott: “‘Patterns’ is about the ruts we get stuck in emotionally and how we can continue to manifest the same unhealthy behaviors in our relationships if we aren’t looking at our emotional deficits and insecurities honestly and healthily.”

Produced by Gavin Shea and Chris Gill of Handmade Productions (Luthi, Okey Dokey, Darius Rucker), “Patterns” is sure to delight fans of HAIM and Mariah Carey alike.

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