The Ryman & Exclusive Premiere of Cozy Sessions

Hello, friends! Last weekend I got the amazing opportunity to sing with my dear friend of 20 years (Valley Queen) at The Ryman. It was the most magical moment getting to watch from the wings as she and her band started their first song on that stage.


I bubbled up with tears of joy and gratitude for Natalie, for music, and for the amazing journey we've gotten to share so many miles apart. She had me join her for a couple of songs and let me tell  you, I got a taste of something I realllly liked on that stage. People,  The Ryman is NOT overrated. The sound was impeccable, the crowd was full of energy and life, and I felt the history of all of the beautiful musicians that have played that stage as a real presence in the room. Natalie and I began our journey in music together, falling in love with records, and Led Zeppelin, and singing, and giggling with the thrill of art that made us feel completely alive and lifted out of our place in space and time. I will never forget the moment of sharing that stage with her and I am overcome with so much gratitude for her going out of her way to make me a part of it.  


As promised I'd also like to share a video I made with my main squeeze, Tuxedo Wildlife and our talented friend, Natalie Micah. We shot this in our home in Whites Creek, TN. We called it "The Cozy Sessions," and there's more to come so stay tuned. In this one we performed a stripped-down version of "Patterns." I love to sing this song this way because it evokes some of the emotion that may be lost amid the bopping, bell-glisten of the recorded track. This song was about the loss of a friendship that totally broke my heart. I like getting the opportunity to slow it down and sing it with more of that emotion in mind. It's ultimately about taking responsibility for my own negative patterns of behavior, but before I came to that realization I was really hurting and wondering what I had done wrong. I hope you like it and I want to thank you all for keeping up with WD. You are beautiful sparks of light in a world that can be really scary sometimes. I hope my words and music can be there for you when you forget that. xoxo, J.